JetNet- Ethernet Switch

  JetNet series provide complete Ethernet networking solutions: from rackmount IEC 61850-3 rated layer 3 and modular managed switches to high-bandwidth / high-speed DIN-rail Giga switches.
  JetNet series are designed with wire speed, non-blocking switching fabric to provide High-Bandwidth and outstanding network performance. High level of EMI/EMS immunity provides enhanced product reliability and quality. Designed with rugged enclosure and wide operating temperature range, the switches are ideal solutions for industrial applications. The managed models support advanced Layer 2, Layer 2+ACL and Layer3 routing protocols, as well as Korenix patented ring redundancy technology, ensuring the most reliable and high-quality
network construction in severe industrial applications.

JetNet series Industrial L2 / L3 Rackmount Ethernet Switch
High Bandwidth and Performance
  The switch backplane of high volume port switch solutions may not always afford to handle heavy loading when all ports transmit and receive at the same time. The below figure in left shows that the Non-Blocking architecture handles 16 100M plus 2 Gigabit ports’ fully mesh switching whereas the figure in right cannot.

  The problem is due to the high traffic loading, which causes slow data forwarding. Korenix JetNet series high port density switches are designed with wire-speed backplane and fully mesh performance which ensures the traffic switching without data loss and blocking.