JetPoE-PoE Switch

  JetPoE Series consists of Rackmount Managed Gigabit PoE Switch, Din-Rail Managed PoE Switch and Din-Rail Unmanaged PoE switches, compliant with both IEEE 802.3af and High Power IEEE 802.3at PoE standards and delivering up to 30 watts power per port via RJ45 cables along with the highest quality data. With over 500W* total power budget per unit, JetPoE Series outstandingly fulfill local increasing PoE demands. The PoE switches are designed with wide operating temperature and rugged fan-less design, featuring IP31 grade protection, vibration/shock resistance, as well as Hi-Pot isolation for performing reliably in industrial environments.

JetPoE Series Industrial PoE / PoE+ Switch

High Port Density and High Speed Connectivity 

Korenix provides JetPoE series with a wide selection of port density, speed and configurations to ensure simple assembly in any system. With Gigabit fiber / copper ports it provides high speed uplink to connect with higher level backbone switches and provide reliable data transmission for flexible distance applications.

Industrial PoE Challenges 
Rather than using commercial PoE apparatus to deploy PoE in industrial environments, various challenges need to be considered. Environmental conditions, reliability and available power are some of the key consideration in whether to use an industrial grade PoE device over a commercial grade.

Thermal Issues
Typically commercial grade equipments are being housed in clean, safe and temperature controlled environments, and moreover, are allowed to have fans to release heat produced during operation. Besides, in indoors the power requirements of networking devices are not high. Quite contrary to this, lots of challenges need to be addressed by PoE networking devices installed in industrial outdoor environments, including the high power feeding in hot, dusty and humid storage rooms without air conditioning, under vibrating and shock environments.

Reliability is a necessity for industrial usages. It is highly important for industrial applications to remain running smoothly. Any single point failure may demand a recovery in a short time. Acting as a power source, a PSE applies power to one or more PDs, therefore, a single PSE failure may lead to the shut down of a number of PDs. As a result, both the reliability of PSE itself and its power input become two critical points to which must be given thought.

Diverse Input Range
Just like various control systems, such as Modbus, ProfitNet, DeviceNet, used in different industrial applications, the power voltage required by each industrial application may vary. Take public transportation as an example, the power supply system is usually DC 24V, which does not fall in the ranges, (from 44VDC to 57VDC), defined in the IEEE802.3af standard. In these circumstances, an additional voltage transformer may solve this problem. However, it may not meet the requirements for some particular reasons, such as cost, space limitation and so on. Being able to feed a wider range of power voltage from the PSE would be a more direct solution. This becomes another challenge for the PSE manufacturers to achieve the needs for diverse industrial applications.

Ultra Power Demand and Max Power Limitation

Driven by the benefits and the evolution of the technology, more and more high power consuming PDs are coming to the market. WiMax base stations and PTZ cameras are some of the best examples already seen today. While the demand of high power is considered when adopting PoE technology, it should be as well considered that the amount of power drawn by the PD must not cause any damages to the PSE, the cable, or the PD itself. Power delivery generates heat, and bundling of the cables may exacerbate the heating problem. For safety concern, if either PSE or PD is not well designed to comply with the standard, the power delivery should be well controlled by some means to avoid overheating.


Intelligent Auto Thermal Detection for PD Setting

Korenix JetPoE managed Booster switches adopt thermal detector to ensure the reliable operation of DC booster under safe temperature by smartly checking DC booster temperature and adjusting to it available PoE output. When PoE is degrading due to ambient temperature, PD will shut down by priority. This makes the PoE switch an intelligent power control device that helps users maintain the PD devices under specific temperatures.


Isolated Booster for Safe Power Delivery

The DC Booster of Korenix managed PoE switches is designed with Hi-pot isolation feature to protect the device from the lighting and surge of the Ethernet and therefore, allowing the switch efficiently power outdoor PD equipments under severe conditions.

Industrial Grade PoE for Severe Environmental Applications

Korenix JetPoE series is designed with the best parameters to ensure the highest quality of the enhanced network. With extended temperature components, no moving parts and fans, JetPoE series are capable of operating under harsher conditions than commercial grade devices. Equipped with industrial IP31 grade platforms, the devices work effectively under harsh environments exposed to dust and high humidity.

Solid RJ45/M12 Connectors against Vibration and Shock

Korenix has designed JetPoE series with RJ45 and M12 connectors resistant to vibration and shock in order to best fulfill the requirements of various applications. Equipped with M12 D-coded