JetWave- WLAN/Cellular

JetWave Series Industrial Wireless AP

  The JetWave 3200 series is an industrial 802.11n/ a/b/g Wireless AP which offers a high performance and reliability wireless solution for both 2.4G and 5G radio band. With the JetWave 3200 series wireless access point, a network designer will easily achieve the integration of wired and wireless networks.

  The JetWave 3200 series can function as an AP/CPE, WDS modes for different point to point or point to multiple point network applications. The additional Routing mode allows to separate the LAN and WLAN to different IP subnet, and perform NAT routing. The advanced features include LAN to WLAN Link Fault Pass-Through, Dual Radio Bridging and Redundancy, high speed gigabit Ethernet transmission, Wireless QoS (WMM) and complete wireless security and packet encryption.

  The JetWave 3200 series is an industrial grade design with the significant features of gigabit PoE+, dual 24V(12~48V)DC power input, IP31 Housing and Digital Input/Output. The design of the EN50121-4 approved and wide operation temperature design allows users to install the device under harsh environmental conditions.

High Performance Transmission

  There are several types of standard for 802.11 Standards. IEEE 802.11a uses 5GHz band, while 802.11b/g uses 2.4G band. Comparing 2.4G band to 5G band, the 2.4G band is more widely accepted in homes, enterprises, and hotspots and along with a variety of other products, including microwave ovens and cordless phones. The 5G band is less popular so there is less congestion to cause interference or
signal contention.

  For long distance WLAN AP, to extend transmission distance longer and higher performance, less
interference indicates higher coverage and morehighly scalable and flexible installation. Therefore Korenix recommends 802.11a as the Wireless Outdoor Access Point solution. Besides the 802.11a model, Korenix also provides dual band model which supports both 2.4G and 5G to cover most of the applications.

Encrypted Wireless data transmission

  Unlike wired LAN, whose unauthorized access can be easily identified by the physical media, Wireless LAN does not have the same physical media protection and is difficult to block the illegal access. Technologies such as Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP) and WPA 1 / 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 1 and 2) are designed to provide the same level of security by encrypting data over radio waves from hosts to the Access Point (AP) or WEP/WPA-enabled stations and hosts.


Power By PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Power By PSE
Connect the JetWave to the PoE port of the PoE Switch. The clients of the LAN can communicate
with remote clients via JetWave AP.

Power by PoE Injector
Should there is no PoE switch on hand, user canconnect the AP to the enclosure PoE injector. It can
deliver up to 19W power source.