JetBox- Network Computer

Industrial Communication Computer

  Korenix, a leader of industrial automation, has been devoting the majority of focus and effort on delivering the best industrial computing solution with unique features supported, such as Secure Remote Control, Industrial Grade Design, Fast routing, customized software configuration.

Unique Innovation Technology

Secure Remote Control (VPN)
  Advanced security applications are essential in many industrial markets; Computer networks are no longer closed systems and may consist of intranets, extranets, and Internet sites. The key remote access requirement of on-site monitoring station must be a secure, encrypted data exchange tunnel. In order to furnish highly-efficient industrial security systems, Korenix has been devoting the majority of focus and effort on delivering a complete and robust set of security features on its Industrial VPN Router Computer product family. VPN is designed to provide users with secure communication tunnels when accessing a private network from the public Internet. 
  Korenix Industrial VPN Router Computer supports Secure VPN protocols include IPSec, OpenVPN, and L2TP to provide multiple choices for different applications.

L2TPv3 protocol function for Cost-effective, scalable, flexible, and easy operation
  The L2TPv3 is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard related to L2TP as an alternative protocol to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for encapsulation of multiprotocol Layer 2 communications traffic over IP networks that provides several benefits to L2TP, comprising :
1. Ability to tunnel any Layer 2 (L2) payload over L2TP
2. Better Scalability
3. Cost-effective
4. Simplifies deployment of VPN.

Simplify Your Network Architecture
  By enabling Network Address Translation (NAT) and Firewall on the WAN port, Industrial VPN Router Computer opens the field side services to Internet securely and can simplify network architecture, which best fits for applications such as tolling stations, environmental monitoring, traffic surveillance, fire surveillance, forest surveillance and so on, for example, with NAT you don't have to assign different IP to each device in every single site. Instead, you can copy configuration from one site to another site, so that it will be easier for maintenance.

Industry-Grade Design
Wide temperature, Anti-vibration/shock
  Korenix's industrial computers are able to withstand the harsh environments, it is combined with IP31 rugged enclosure, fan-less, anti-vibration/shock design and -40~80oC wide range operating temperature,

  the significant factors of reliable operation, high performance, and robust durability have become the reasons why people have selected Korenix's industrial computers to apply in projects in tough applications.

Serial isolation
  Serial connection is widely operated with the advantages of easy-to-use interface and low manufacturing cost in industrial monitoring applications. However, in some hazard environment there will be electromagnetic interference. It can cause that performance may be decreased and or damage of devices may occur. To prevent these issues from occurring, Korenix's 2kv serial isolation on RS232/422/485 ports of Korenix embedded computer isolation model is to provide a reliable communication channels over long transmission lengths; in other words, Korenix embedded computer isolation model is ideal solution to adapt to the critical industrial environments.

Gigabit Redundant Ring
  Providing a reliable data transmission and high speed redundancy has become a key issue for industrial networking applications. Korenix industrial router computer with patent MSR Network Redundancy ensures link reliability when connecting field network. 
A link failure can recover rapidly within 5ms which minimums data loss. Because of the integration, there is no possibility of losing collected data during transmission. Customers can build an all-in-one solution which includes non-stop data transmission, end device monitoring and secure data transferring. It indicates Korenix is highly reliable when transmitting data in large public networks.

Fast Roaming
High-performance Layer 3 Routing
  A Layer 3 switch router refers to a high-performance router optimized for LAN or intranet, providing both wirespeed Ethernet routing and switching services. Korenix Industrial VPN Router Computer supports layer 3 routing, such as static, OSPF and RIP protocol, to allow packets transferring between different subnets;
therefore, it can be used in applications which need to exchange data cross-regionally or monitor devices from remote site.

SD card slot & SDK for customized configuration
  The Korenix Embedded Computer is equipped with SD card slot & SDK for customized configurations, for example, Setting Korenix customization Auto-Run on SD card which allows users to execute their own Linux commands once the system is booted. Users only need to store the commands on an "Auto-Run" file and then store it on a SD card. They are able to automatically run specific configurations or applications in the Korenix embedded computers which make the industrial network management easier and more flexible.

Modbus Gateway
  The Korenix Modbus Gateway is a cost effective solution that allows users to integrate serial Modbus slave devices into a Control system through a Korenix computer network. Korenix provides the optional Modbus Gateway software on the SD card. This value-added software enables serial Modbus RTU (or Modbus ASCII) devices to communicate with Modbus TCP devices. It is an open serial communication protocol based on master/slave architecture and used to connect a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).