Our Goal & Mission

We believe it is our mission to build a better and smarter world. To fulfill our goal, we manufacture the key products with the core technologies to SMART cities.

 korenix industrial ethernet solution
  • Surveillance: Public Safety is the foundation of the SMART cities. IP network-centric video surveillance is largely applied to protect airports, traffic, railways, stations, bridges, ports, buildings, and utilities from sabotage, terrorism, theft, vandalism, etc. Korenix Industrial Ethernet Switches and Power-over-Ethernet Technology provide an efficient video sequence data to control centers for analysis either in real time or after an event occurs.
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M): Wireless Machine to Machine networks that are all interconnected can serve to improve production and efficiency in various areas. Traffic Control is one of M2M applications. Korenix Industrial Wireless & Cellular Solution JetWave 3G/LTE gateway can connect local devices to the control center and Korenix Mobile Manager (KMM) can monitor the gateway status from the management sites.
  • Automation: Intelligent buildings such as advanced health centers, intelligent public facilities, and smart homes rely on centralized control to perfect the device functionality and minimum the energy usage and cost. Korenix Rackmount Switches can be installed in the center site as the core of device control through Ethernet networks with redundancy and security enhancement.
  • Remote Monitoring: When everything is going online, a secure and robust network is important to protect critical data and privacy. Securing a router, routing security, managing security, ingress filtering are the advantage of Korenix Wireless devices. KorenixIndustrial-grade WLAN controller can easy manage APs under different network domains; roaming function allows the moving clients to connect to different APs in short period of time.
  • Transportation: Intelligent Transportation System is built on the train network. Easy installation and configuration benefit operators in less time spending. Korenix products form a complete ITS solution including MSR network redundancy, long distance fiber network along the track sites, industrial HW design, ESD protection, power isolation… to withstand in the harsh environment and provide stable communication between carriages and stations.