Smart Logistic and AGV Solution

​​An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a computer- controlled vehicle used in a wide variety of industrial applications, mainly including the transportation of different types of materials in pallets, rolls, racks, carts, and containers. AGVs are a key component of a flexible manufacturing system and are a proven technology for improving efficiency, safety, and quality in automotive factories. Reliability, configurability, programmability, and real-time communication capabilities are critical to successful implementation.

Project challenges/goals

The customer was planning to build up an automated warehouse system. An AGV (automated guided vehicle) system inside the factory was required to achieve this. Therefore, our mission is to provide a reliable wireless data network (WiFi technology) for the AGV system that would allow all the AGVs to be controlled from the control room.
In this application, we need to transmit I/O signals from each vehicle. Even I/O traffic does not require a lot of bandwidth, but uninterrupted communication is critical. However, a short 60- to
100-millisecond disruption in the link can cause the I/O system to stop an AGV in its tracks. As AGVs move about the plant, their wireless links must “roam” from one fixed radio to another; such roam events can cause enough delay to trip the I/O system offline. JetWave series WIFI AP employs Fast Roaming technology that ensures AGVs are disconnected for under 50 milliseconds while roaming from one fixed radio to the next without using a central wireless controller or any complicated network configurations.

• Communication Reliability: Uninterrupted and fast data communication among AGVs and the control center is essential.
• Trouble-shooting: When an AGV breaks down, the problem can easily be traced to its source.
• WiFi deployment and maintenance: Commissioning the WiFi environment does not require lots of time and resources.

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Smart Logistic and AGV