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2015-12-14 Korenix Wireless Gateway JetWave supports GPS location tracking

Korenix Wireless Gateway JetWave supports GPS location tracking
The multi-function JetWave provides high-speed connectivity to remote devices by integrated 3G cellular routing, global positioning system (GPS), and WIFI in various vertical applications such as transportation, facility monitoring, smart city network…etc.
Users can get the GPS latitude and longitude through JetWave Web managed page or SNMP and can apply this data for location tracing or issue reporting. Location tracing will be useful to apply in fleet management, public transportation information system like intelligent bus…etc. JetWave 3320 with GPS enabled wireless module and passive antenna can report both position and data back to the center for real-time control and management. For facility or environment monitoring, it is easy for JetWave3320 to report the location if there are any urgent situations or errors, then engineers can find the device and fix the issue quickly.

JetWave 3320 series
Industrial UMTS/HSPA+ plus 802.11n 2T2R MIMO Wireless IP Gateway
• LAN to 3G routing, WIFI to 3G routing
• Cellular and WIFI/WAN Redundant, GPS positioning
• Secure connectivity by OpenVPN, IPSec, NAT and Firewall
• RS-232/422/485 Serial port & Gigabit PoE+ power input
• EN50155/EN50121-4 Railway EMC, -40~70℃ operating temperature