2018-09-13 KorenixSky 201809-- Korenix Launches New Wireless AP JetWave 2212 series for smart city solution

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Korenix New Wireless AP JetWave 2212X for Smart City SolutionKorenix New Wireless AP JetWave 2212X for Smart City Solution
Jetwave 2212X is 802.11a/b/g/n radio configurable and offers solution for 2.4G/5G radio band. It not only applies the new generation MIMO technology that can offer a high data rate up to 300Mbps, it also has the traffic shaping technology. 
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Gigabit Ethernet media converter family JetNet 5728G V2 Industrial 20FE+8G Gigabit Managed PoEPlus Ethernet Switch
Introducing Korenix Jetcon 3401GV2 and JetCon3701G, our cost effective and high reliable industrial media converter.
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