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2015-12-28 Korenix Launches Mobile Manager for 3G/LTE Device Control

Korenix Launches Mobile Manager for 3G/LTE Device Control
Korenix mobile manager is an easy utility for multiple sites which use private IP addresses to access each other through a public network. Users can install Korenix mobile manager in a PC and use it as a server to control and manage Korenix JetWave series products. Korenix mobile manager supports two types communication: One is private IPs hidden from the public domain can communicate directly and the other is mobile devices with dynamic IP addresses can communicate directly.

Korenix mobile manager features:
• Device Monitoring: Get live information about the mobile/cellular devices
• Cellular Type Management: Cellular type, SIM settings, User Info and GPS Position information
• Cellular Communication Watchdog Enable/Disable and Auto-Reconnect settings
• Ethernet Port Management: Network Mode, LAN IP settings
• Device Maintenance: Backup and Restore the configuration file, firmware upgrade
• Event Log Window and Panel
• Export and Save the connected status
Supporting JetWave series
• Cellular router: JetWave 2310-HSPA, JetWave 2311-HSPA, JetWave 2310-LTE-E/U, JetWave 2311-LTE-E, JetWave 2316-LTE/2316M-LTE
• Industrial Wireless Gateway: JetWave 3320, JetWave 3420, JetWave 3320-M12, JetWave 3420-M12