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2019-08-13 Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Automated storage and retrieval system (ARS) is an essential part in manufacturing and factory industry nowadays. It helps to achieve automated product distribution and storage, automatic supply. Also, by digitalizing data in the warehouse, warehouse owners can learn more about the inventory status and maximize the efficiency and usage of the space. With the automated storage and retrieval system, warehouse or factory can achieve high efficient, low cost and smart inventory management. The storage and retrieval machine (SRM) is an essential part in the ARS. It has to move back and forth between rackets to store goods both horizontally and vertically. The machine operates by receiving orders from the system. Therefore, a stable and reliable wire and wireless connection between the machine and the system is very important in the ARS.
System Requirement

  1. Limited space on the storage and retrieval machine: The shuttle moves between the shelves so the device must be compact to fit in the cabinet on the machine.
  2. Mobile operations: The device is mounted on the vehicle, so the device must be able to withstand the vibration from the constant movement of the vehicle.
  3. Wi-Fi line-of-sight clearance: There are many obstacles in the warehouse, such as, walls, large metal obstacles or rackets. These objects might block the Wi-Fi signals. Wireless devices with multiple antennas to increase Wi-Fi coverage is important.
Korenix Solution

On the AS/ RS shuttle, JetWave 2212X was used as WI-FI client to connect to the PLC client. JetWave 2212X fast roaming technology ensures its strong signal and roaming time under 50ms. With the new generation 802.11n MIMO technology, the radio offers a high data rate of up to 300Mbps, provide flexible wireless backbone deployment options. Also, its compact size allows it to fit in the cabinet.
The JetWave 3220 is used as wireless AP to send data through WI-FI to JetWave 2212X on the shuttle. With the JetWave 3200 series wireless access point, the network designer can easily achieve the integration of wired and wireless networks. Moreover, the 802.11ac MIMO technology offers a high data rate of up to 866Mbps per radio, provides the redundant wireless connections to increase the reliability of the entire wireless network. It is also equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet M12 anti-vibration connector for vehicle installation. Through JetNet2005, data can be collected and transmit to HMI and the PLC server.

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