Press Releases

2019-11-15 Company Visitation from National Dong Hua University

We were so glad that Professor Po Yuan Chen and about 60 students from National Dong Hwa University, International Business Department, shared a great afternoon with us on Nov 1st , 2019!
During their visit, we had several sessions to inspire the young generation. For the first session, our APAC HR Director introduced the Beijer Electronics Group, to give them an overview about our company. In the following sessions, our PMs shared the knowledge about industries of industrial automation and industrial networking, to let them know the differences between industrial and commercial products. The session also focused on the trend of “IIoT” and “Industry 4.0”, and showed students how our products apply in daily life and how they influence the world.
We also gave an office tour for the students. By introducing our work environment, students were able to experience our company culture and the energetic work atmosphere. As they will start to look for their first job soon, we prepared a lecture regarding how to write a good resume and how to tackle interview questions. Moreover, our PM shared his personal experiences and guided the students about what kind of preparation they can do from now on to be ready for their first job.

The event was a great success, and the professor and students expressed their appreciation for the efforts we made for holding this meaningful event. By utilizing the knowledge and experience learned from visiting Beijer Electronics and Korenix Technology, we genuinely hope that these students can have a wonderful career in the future!