Press Releases

2019-11-19 "Together We Can Save the Earth" Beijer Group Beach Cleaning Activity in Taipei, Taiwan

On November 9th, about 34 employees and their families of Beijer Electronics and Korenix Taiwan participated in the beach clean-up activity in New Taipei city! This activity was voluntary, and the management teams, including Beijer Electronics APAC Sr. VP Berndt Köhring, Korenix Technology GM Wesley Chen, and Beijer Electronics HQ HR Sr. VP Tim Webster were highly supportive of this event by joining the whole activity themselves.

When we arrived at the beach, we were so stunned by the amount of trash spread over the beach. By spending around 30 minutes, we had collected up to 212 kg of trash. And after sorting and analyzing, we found that the top 3 items were plastic bottle caps (1080/pcs), plastic bottles (432/pcs), and other food or drinks containers (392/pcs). All the waste comes from our daily lives and is preventable.


Through this activity, many of the participants realized that the harm human beings have made to our environment is far more serious than we imagined. The initiative we undertook together was valuable on many levels, and many of the participants are actively sharing their personal experiences with many more people both inside and outside our company.

By holding this event, we expect our employees to be more concerned about environment protection issues. We believe that any tiny actions can make a difference. Let us take some actions to make the change happen!