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2020-04-16 Korenix LPWA Solution for Environmental Monitoring

IoT applications such as smart meters, traffic tracking, environmental monitoring and other industrial services that connect devices to the cloud are adopted by more and more companies nowadays. When deploying network in environmental monitoring, operators might find multiple challenges, such as, finding or building power source in the filed site, lacking devices that can cover long range area to complete the topology. Moreover, when in the field site, harmful dust or immersion into water happen a lot and devices with IP67 are often required.
LPWA network, Low-power-wide-area network, is a technology that helps operators in IoT or smart city field to meet the specific cost, coverage and power consumption needs. As a communication system to connect IIoT devices and network, LPWA networks are drawing much attention for its major features as follows:
・ Low power operation: Battery lifetime of several years with a coin cell battery
・ Long range: One base station covers tens of kilometers
・ Low data rates: Several dozen bps to 1M bps
・ Low communication fees: Several dozen to several hundred yen per month (per connection)
Successful Case
Korenix has offered solution through LPWA solution for street light control at port. The primary point of Smart Street light is to reduce power utilization when there are no activity moments on the road. This project requires a wide range of network cover. The control room needs to connect to the port street light with over 5km distance. Since it is hard to find an extra power source, the end-customer like to use solar panel existing power to supply the wireless device power. By using Korenix LPWA product end-user can easily control the street light from the control room.

Why Korenix:
  1. Require wide range wireless communication. JetWave 4110L can reach 10km transmit range
  2. IP67 housing require
  3. Provide Modbus RTU protocol and commend to sync up the data from sensor to PLC.