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2023-02-24 New JetNet 6228G industrial managed rackmount switches


New JetNet 6228G industrial managed rackmount switches

We are happy to introduce the new JetNet 6228G range of industrial Ethernet managed rackmount switches ideal for factory automation and typical data acquisitions purposes.

The JetNet 6228G series includes 19-inch L2 full Gigabit industrial rackmount switches designed for applications that require high-speed connectivity. With full Gigabit capability, the JetNet 6228G series increases bandwidth to provide high performance and the ability to quickly transfer large amounts of video, voice, and data across a network.

Moreover, the JetNet 6228G series supports harsh environments at -40°C to 75°C and is designed with an industrial EMC grade to ensure proper operation. Also, the JetNet 6228G series has various cyber security and cyber redundancy features, as well as isolated redundant power supplies.

The JetNet 6228G series is ideal for many applications, including transportation, surveillance, and automation.

  • The 3 new rackmount switches:

    JetNet 6228G