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2019-07-09 Internship Program in Beijer Electronic corp. and Korenix Technology

The first joint internship program of Beijer Electronic Corp. and Korenix Technology with Takming University of Science and Technology had been completed successfully. The two interns started their internship in Beijer Corp Technical Support and Korenix Test departments from Aug 1st, 2018 to June 30th, 2019.
During this program, the supervisors had designed a series of trainings for the interns, leaded them to apply the knowledge they’ve learned from school into workplace. Through constantly coaching and experience sharing, supervisors transferred their know-how to the interns to help them grow quickly.
Let’s check out the feedbacks from the interns!
“All the managers and colleagues were very friendly to me ever since I joined the company. They answered every question I asked patiently and told me each step of the intern program very clearly. It helped me to get on track quickly at work.”--- Intern A.
“During this internship, every colleague in the department had taught me a lot and paid much attention to me. It helped me to grow a lot in the areas that I didn’t have much experience. They also treated me as a friend. They shared their experiences with me and we often ate out together. For me, I not only learned a lot from formal working environment, but also learned from informal gatherings without pressure.” --- Intern B.
From the company side, it took much more time and resources to train and coach interns than other experienced staff. However, it ‘s not purely about the advantages that we can benefit from this program, it ‘s also a chance that we can fulfil our corporate social responsibilities by contributing our know-how to the young people of our society. We sincerely hope the two interns can apply the knowledge and experiences gained from the Beijer Electronic Corp. and Korenix Technology and have a wonderful career in the future!

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