2018-09-27 [Taiwan Seminar] Intelligent Rail Transportation- Applications &Security [智慧軌道運輸安全與管理創新技術研討會]

Date 日期 | 2018/10/30
Place 地點| NTUH International Convention Center, Room 402AB (台大醫院國際會議中心 402AB會議室)
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Korenix will be attending the Intelligent Rail Transportation- Applications &Security seminar held by Messe Frankfurt Media and Asmag. The seminar is about security and innovative techniques of smart transportation. In this seminar, Korenix, along with other prestigious companies in the industry will be sharing knowledge, newest application cases and innovative ideas of IoT.
Railway industry has a history of more than two hundred years. The rise of IoT and smart transportation system has improved railway systems performance, however, safety and efficiency are still the two main issues of it. In the past, railway is based on systems that works independently, and in the future, automated and integrated transportation system will be inevitable. Facing the AI trend, smart management has become a goal for government in constructing facilities and management systems. Therefore, the seminar will focus on AI, IoT and cyber security. Innovative techniques and applications, such as, signaling system, railway transportation system management, communication on carriage and smart railway station will be discussed in the event and moreover, security in smart transportation system will be emphasized.