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JetCon 1201/1201i-3KV【Last Buy】
  • USB to RS-422/RS-485 Serial Converter
    Korenix JetCon 1201/1201i-3KV USB to RS-422/RS-485 Serial Converter

    • LTB - Last Time Buy: 2023-8-31
    • LTD - Last Time Delivery: 2024-2-29
Overview Specification Documents Software Application
JetCon 1201/1201i-3KV USB to RS-422/RS-485 Serial Converter
  • USB to RS_485 /RS_422 Serial Converter
  • USB 1.1/1.2/2.0 compatible
  • 921.6 Kbps High Speed Serial
  • 12Mbps USB Data Throughput
  • 120Ohm Line Terminator Build-in
  • 32 x RS-485 devices connection
  • 15KV Human Body ESD protection
  • 3KV isolation, 600W Serial Port surge protection
  • -30~75°C wide operating temperature
JetCon 1201/1201i-3KV USB to RS-422/RS-485 Serial Converter
File name Description Release date Size File
Datasheet DS_JetCon1201i-3KV_V1.0 2019/08/23 105.12KB
User Manual UM_JetCon1201i-3KV_V1.0 2019/08/23 1.71MB
Quick Installation Guide QIG_JetCon1201i-3KV_V1.1 2019/08/23 2.23MB
CE CE_JetCon1201i-3KV 2019/08/23 51.95KB
FCC FCC_JetCon1201i-3KV 2019/08/23 69.19KB
Vibration/ Shock Test Vibration-Test_JetCon1201i-3KV 2019/08/23 360.04KB
File name Description Release date Size File
Driver Driver_JetCon1201_Linux 2019/08/28 135.86KB
Driver Driver_JetCon1201_Macintosh 2019/08/28 1.09MB
Driver Driver_JetCon1201_Windows 2019/08/28 1013.54KB

Product Introduction

As digital technology advances and light-weight design popular, more and more computer equipment does not support the traditional serial communication interface, and only equipped USB (Universal Serial Bus technology) interface. It simplifies and unifies the digital design and supports numbers of communication interfaces by USB Hub connection. The USB interface expands the I/O connection in easily, flexible and economic; But, it also erected fences to traditional equipment with serial RS-232/422/485 interface for Factory Automation. Therefore, to integrate and engage new system with traditional automatic equipment by a USB to Serial converter becomes popular now. Through the USB to Serial solution, like as JetCon 1201 and JetCon 1201i, the system integrator can easily deploy new control system with traditional equipment.