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JetWave Smart Remote
  • JetWave Smart Remote

    Korenix JetWave 2714GF LTE/WIFI Series Industrial Cellular PoE Gateway 
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JetWave Smart Remote
  • Korenix first Smart phone SW
  • Easy to connect to JetWave WIFI series products.
  • Support Android smartphone.
  • JetWave WIFI AP/CPE visualization.
  • Antenna set up assistance.
  • AP location evaluation

Korenix JetWave Smart Remote
File name Description Release date Size File
Data Sheet DS_JetWave_Smart_Remote_V1.1 2020/02/14 640.32KB
File name Description Release date Size File
Firmware FW_JetWaveSmartRemote_V1.0 2019/09/10 3.04MB

Product Introduction

The JetWave Smart Remote is an SW that can be downloaded from the Korenix website. By downloading the App, users can easily connect their wireless AP/ client to their phones. The App works as a small management system on your phone that can automatically detect all nearby Korenix AP and  client devices. With Korenix JSR, engineers can check all AP / Client connection status or package  loss rate with only a few clicks. Moreover, the app also has the antenna assistant function, which  allows engineers to adjust the antenna to the best angle effortlessly. With Korenix JSR, the  managing process from installing to trouble- shooting can be done simply by mobile.