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Korenix View
  • Korenix View

    Korenix JetNet 3210GP-2C Industrial Full Gigabit 8 + 2G Combo DC Booster Switch
Overview Specification Documents Software Application
Korenix View
  • Assign IP address
  • Firmware/Bootloader upgrade
  • Configuration backup/restore, load default
  • Open Web GUI
  • Reboot

Korenix View
File name Description Release date Size File
Data Sheet DS_KorenixView_V1.0 2020/02/07 276.61KB
User Manual UM_KorenixView_V1.0 2020/02/07 2.56MB
File name Description Release date Size File
Korenix View V1.7 WindowsXP/2000/2003/7/Vista/8/10Platforms 2019/11/06 1.22MB

Product Introduction

Korenix View is an SW that can be downloaded from the Korenix website. By downloading the software, users
can easily assign IP address, upgrade firmware and bootloader for Korenix products. The software works as a
small management system on your computer that can automatically detect all nearby Korenix devices.