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JetNet 6059G【Phased Out】
  •  Industrial 9 Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
    Korenix JetNet 6059G Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
    Korenix JetNet 6059G Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
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Overview Specification Documents Software Application
JetNet 6059G/6059G-w Industrial 9 Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
  • 4 Gigabit copper ports, 5 Gigabit copper/SFP combo ports to extend Giga Copper/Fiber uplink or redundant Ring connection
  • SFP ports support 100/1000 Fiber with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) to monitor long distance fiber quality
  • Independent SFP Link speed indication
  • 32Gbps Fabric, 8K MAC address to ensure High Quality Data transmission
  • Isolated RS-232 Console port for negative power system
  • Korenix MSR pattern aggregates up to 4 x 1000M Rings for critical data stream redundancy
  • Supports LLDP and optional Korenix NMS software for network auto-topology visualization and efficient group management
  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP for Factory Automation
  • Advanced management LACP/256 VLANs/GVRP/QoS/IGMP Snooping/ Rate Control/ Online Mirroring/DHCP option 82
  • Advanced Security system Port Security, Access IP list, SSH and HTTPS Login
  • Event Notification through E-mail, SNMP trap and
  • Cisco-Like CLI, Web, SNMP, RMON for network Management
  • Dual redundant 10.5~60VDC power inputs for system reliability
  • Hi-pot isolation and -25~70°C (JetNet 6059G), -40~75°C (JetNet 6059G-w) operating temperature for harsh environments
Korenix JetNet 6059G/6059G-w Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
Korenix JetNet 6059G/6059G-w Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
File name Description Release date Size File
Data Sheet DS_JetNet6059G_V1.3 2020/07/09 666.21KB
User Manual UM_JetNet6059G_V1.2
2019/08/13 6.13MB
Quick Installation Guide QIG_JetNet6059G_V2.0
2019/08/13 3.17MB
Release Note RN_JetNet6059G_V2.1 2019/11/19 158.59KB
CE CE_JetNet6059G 2019/08/13 301.97KB
FCC FCC_JetNet6059G 2019/08/13 271.99KB
2019/08/13 226.12KB
Vibration,Shock VibrationShock_JetNet6059G 2019/08/13 37.84KB
File name Description Release date Size File
Firmware FW_JetNet6059G_V2.1 2019/11/19 5.04MB
MIB MIB_JetNet6059G_V2.1 2019/11/19 33.38KB
Boot Loader BL_JetNet6059G_b1.0.0.5 2019/08/13 75.81KB

Product Introduction

JetNet 6059G/6059G-w series is an Industrial Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch with 9 full gigabit ports and 32G switching backplane to ensure high quality data transmission in industrial applications requiring connectivity. In addition to 4 Giga RJ-45 ports, the switch is equipped with 5 Giga RJ-45/SFP combo ports to deliver maximum throughput and flexibility for high-density connection while providing Giga uplink or Giga Ring connection. With the Korenix patented MSR technology, users can aggregate up to 4 MultiGigaRings into a single switch and ensure network reliability in applications with . Furthermore, JetNet 6059G supports advanced management and security features, such as LLDP and Korenix NMS, 4 QoS, 256 VLAN, IGMP Snooping, DHCP, LACP to ensure high performance network communication. The supported Modbus TCP/IP protocol makes the switches suitable for factory automation systems while offering enhanced connectivity and easier network maintenance.