JetPoE-PoE Switch

Q1: The maximum cable length to delivery power when use Korenix PoE switch?

A1: According 802.3af PoE standard, Cat5 cable (or above) can up to 100 meter; 802.3at can also up to 100 meter when use Cat5e cable (or above). 

Q2: If my PD is A mode, can I use Korenix B mode PoE switch?

A2: According PoE standard, PSE(PoE switch) need support A mode or B mode, but PD need support both A mode and B mode. If your PD only support A mode (or, only B mode), means it is not standard PD, you need use Korenix managed PoE switch, and use forced mode to delivery power to your PD. 

Q3: I connect my PC to PoE port, will it damage my PC?

A3: No. According PoE standard, PSE will detect the connected equipment is PD or not before delivery power. But, if this port is forced mode enabled, it my damage your non-PD, even we don't have such issue so far, but user still need careful about this. 

Q4: I have connect many PD to PoE switchm, but it can not boot normally, why?

A4: Please check you power supply can provide enough power. For example, if each PD need 15.4W, four PDs will need 61.6W power. The power requirement of switch and cable lostt are also need take into consideration, so you need 80W power at least.