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Korenix JetBox 5430-w supports VPN for metro stations secure remote control !!

Taipei, Taiwan, May 20th, 2013

Passenger security in the metro has been a significant issue around the world; for enabling the efficient operation of the system, metro operators are now utilizing real-time metro surveillance systems to ensure the safety and security their passengers. Hence, metro network constructors in this surveillance project require a reliable and stable networking system to provide real-time information and on-board multimedia as well as a rugged, anti-vibration industrial computing platform which is equipped with an encryption function and has resistance to harsh environments.
Korenix solution JetBox 5430-w has been chosen to transfer the data stably between the devices and the control center and to ensure the connection of real-time status monitoring with no delay. In the surveillance project, numerous control devices are deployed in each station to monitor the operational status from each of the stations. Korenix JetBox 5430-w Industrial VPN computer has been implemented to collect and transfer the data back to the control center. To ensure the data is send accurately and securely, Korenix has installed JetBox 5430-w separately in each station and control center to play the role of VPN client and server and to establish a VPN connection to ensure the information is encrypted then transferred securely back to the control center.

JetBox guarantees no information loss. A mechanism is configured in
JetBox 5430-w to check the linking status, if the original link is off, JetBox is capable of altering the back-up line and building a new connection to ensure the data collection is always delivered successfully to the control center.
JetBox is very suitable for transportation applications within harsh environmental conditions and which have severe vibrations as
JetBox 5430-w industrial VPN computer supports -40~80°C wide operating temperature which provides resistance to extremely high and low temperature, and is designed with anti-shock and anti-vibration.

 JetBox 5430-w (phased out)
->replaced model: JetBox 5630Gf-w​

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