China Highway Monitoring

China Highway Surveillance System (new!!)
The Beijing-Tibet Expressway, commonly abbreviated to Jingzang Expressway, is one of the longest highway systems in the world. The Beijing Traffic Management Bureau updated the highway surveillance system and installed cameras in 46 stations along the 67-kilometer-long Beijing route. Korenix Ethernet solutions have been integrated to build a reliable Intelligent Traffic Control System under harsh environment conditions.
Korenix solution
Each station consists of 3rd party core switches, Korenix gigabit JetNet 5010G switches and IP cameras. Korenix's Ring technology plays a significant role in connecting and transferring the MPEG4 AVC/H.264 video images to the control room. Compared to its competitors, Korenix’s Ring technology has two major advantages the first of which are Fast Recovery < 5ms and Seamless Restoration with Zero ms. The Fast Recovery time is scale-independent and max. Up to 250 switches. In addition, the patented Seamless Restoration guarantees no packet loss, no broadcast storm, no topology change, which is the most stable in the world. This is illustrated in the below chart:
JetNet 5010G/5010G-w Industrial 7+3G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
JetNet 5010G 
Industrial 7+3G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch is able to collect traffic data and video streams from IP cameras to transfer those to third party devices through RSTP to the core control center. System integrators selected JetNet 5010G because of its high RSTP compatibility. They are able to together connect into the RSTP (core network) to ensure high data transfer reliably.
korenix JetNet 5010G Industrial 7+3G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

Main Products
 JetNet 5010G Industrial Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Why chose JetNet 5010G
7+ 3 Giga SFP combo ports for flexible applications with reduced costs 
Korenix patented MSR, with fiber/ copper Fast Ethernet and Gigabit rings and 5ms recovery time provide reliable and high-performance connectivity
LLDP and Korenix NMS provide auto topology visualization and efficient network management

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