Malaysia Railway station

Malaysia Railway station video Surveillance
Video surveillance is vitally important for Rail Transport Transit Systems. It provides monitoring of train operations, track status for prevention of accidents on the railway, as well as providing real-time information to passengers on the stations. System integration companies are constantly searching for high-bandwidth solutions which can ensure efficient live surveillance of large scale applications. There are however, some concerns that need to be addressed when railway operators are planning to upgrade and enhance their communication technologies, for example, the ability to operate in harsh environments, reliability of data transmission and effectiveness of cost. 

Korenix solution
Korenix industrial 24V PoE boost switch has been chosen to enable a quality and reliable train station surveillance of Lite Rail project in Malaysia. 24V PoE boost switch is installed to power up large number of cameras at every corner of the stations. There are three main reasons that can be referred to improve and ensure extended data communication is reliable and stable when moving metro carriages and the stations, competitive price and high quality of products.
korenix JetNet 3810G Industrial PoE Switch Highway Surveillance and Monitoring
In each railway station, a single 24V PoE boost switch is installed to power up the cameras. Using the 30W power of the 12~24V to 48V PoE ports which simultaneously collect the captures images. To control power budget, switches provide an automatic budget and priority control function enhancing system maintenance and protecting cameras from shut down.
Korenix’s 24V PoE boost switch ensures high-bandwidth uplink connection for large-scale surveillance in transportation system networks. 24V PoE boost switch integrates Korenix patented vehicle PoE technology –for making the deployment of standard PoE IP cameras feasible on buses, railcars, ships, etc. Moreover, the compact size coupled with an aluminum alloy metal strong and durable case allows 24V PoE boost switch to reliably operate under -25~60oC wide temperature range applications.

12~24V Power Booster to 48V PoE

Korenix’s 24V PoE boost switch, is designed with Korenix patented DC 12~24V to 48V boost technology, this is the best solution for the vehicle PoE applications, where DC 48V power supply is not available. With the built-in power booster, the 24V PoE boost switch can be powered by DC 12~24V to deliver 15.4W per port and 65W* per unit at DC 48V and 60oC to PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, PoE Wireless APs, PoE IP phones…etc. and therefore, be easily applied in vehicles stations.

Gigabit bandwidth and QoS supported
Korenix’s 24V PoE boost switch features eight PoE ports and two uplink gigabit Ethernet ports. Customers can connect to up to 8 IP cameras and provide guaranteed large image uplink bandwidth connection. In addition, the JetNet 3810G supports QoS to ensure the high quality of video traffic transmission by simply adjusting the priority of data transfer.

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