KCE Certificated Engineer

KCE (Korenix Certification Engineer Program)

  Korenix is dedicated to providing the quality services and in-depth industrial technologies globally to all Korenix users. With years of experience and the global channel strategies, Korenix develop Korenix Certification Engineer (KCE) Program, leading all global partners and value-added system integrators to practice the local real-time services with the international vision of cutting edge technologies. Global KCE Program is held in Korenix Corporate Training Center, in Taipei. KCE training is capable to be held by Region/Country requests.
  Hereby, KCE program enhances Korenix network within the headquarter and all the partners overseas, which benefits on the comprehensive solutions in the vertical markets worldwide. With the aim of supporting Korenix Partners to attend the quality training and to equip with the essential technology and experiences, the numbers of training registration has increased tremendously these years.

  To assure the training quality, we form the attendees into group discussions and practices that they’re able to absorb the knowledge adequately. Throughout the process, we assign the hands-on lecture assistant to each group for technical support and instruction. Besides the mutual lecture, each group can generate the questions and share the practical experiences, combining the real-time applications with the in-depth technical researches.



Training Demo Box
  In order to let the engineers understand more clearly and specifically about every product line, Korenix designed the training demo box and the attendees not only can practice during the class but also can set up in lab afterwards for local technical support.

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Certificate & Renewal
  The accomplishment of Global KCE program is to obtain the approval of each course by achieving the written and the hands-on examinations. Each certification represents the exclusive Korenix Approval, and renews every year. The KCE partners are requested to renew the certificate of each course with Korenix annually for advancing the Korenix innovation of products & patented technologies. This premier global grand event is one of the key strength how Korenix creates value of the global network steadily by enhancing the technical force.

KCE Support Center
  Korenix cooperates intensely with KCE partners to deliver local and real-time technical supports on project consultation and product services. The members are named and listed on Korenix.com as the local consultants, presenting and executing technical support, including products, technologies and patents.