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Korenix White Papers

A selection of White Papers covering important topics for high quality network constructions in industrial environments are provided online by Korenix. 

Ensuring Real-Time Large-Scale Networking through Industrial Intelligent Network Management Software - Korenix NMS! 

Korenix new NMS White Paper is a a simple guide to network management systems and their role in industrial network infrastructures. It also introduces Korenix’ own designed NMS – the Korenix NMS with its various advantages for building highly intelligent and real-time networks. 
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Optimizing Industrial Network Performance and Embedded Computing through Powerful, User-oriented Korenix Embedded Linux - JetOS!

This new White Paper is a brief guide to the Embedded Linux technology. It discusses various software packages, customized programs used in JetOS Embedded Linux system, highlighting its advantages for high performance industrial networking & computing deployment.  
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Ensuring Enhanced Highly Critical Video Surveillance with Industrialized IEEE 802.3at High Power PoE!

Korenix new PoE+ White Paper gives an insight to the PoE+ technology, its advantages over PoE protocol while discussing various outstanding innovative technologies introduced by Korenix to guarantee high performance video streaming in critical surveillance applications. 
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Enhancing Network Quality and Video Transmission with Optimized IGMP Video Multicasting!

The White Paper gives an overview of the surveillance video multicasting technology and highlights the benefits of  IGMP as well as its integration in Korenix networking devices for assuring high quality video communication in surveillance applications. 

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Ensuring IP Surveillance Network Reliability and Quality with Korenix patented MSR technology!

The White Paper provides a brief summary of the importance of network redundancy technologies in IP surveillance systems and emphasizes the exceptional benefits of Korenix MSR redundancy technology for creating secure IP surveillance system.

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Industrial Power over Ethernet - Making Your Heavy Chores Easy!

The White Paper describes the Power over Ethernet technology as well as introduces various technological enhancemenets integrated in Korenix JetPoE series which overcome the challenges faced in the industrial applications.
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