Surface Ship Systems

Floating Sonar detection systems are commonly used by the French Navy in order to detect immersed objects nearby. The detection systems are developed to cover a great deal of operational requirements and normally compact enough to be installed on different warships. To ensure the nonstop transmission of the essential data collected from the underwater sonar back to the control room in the cabin, it requires not only high-speed gigabit Ethernet and fiber connection, but also the rapid ring recovery in case any link failure occurred. In addition, water-proof and corrosive-resistant network equipments are indispensable for the severe maritime environment.
Therefore, JetNet5010G, the industrial 10-port managed switch was chosen in this project due to its flexibility of using fast gigabit and SFP combo ports, with its rapid ring recovery time as low as 5ms. Korenix enhanced protection of conformal coating on the switch board against corrosive an maritime atmosphere, and the immediate technical support from Korenix team
Main Products
JetNet 5010G Industrial 7+3G Gigabit Managed
Transceiver SFP1000SX