Surveillance in Harbor

Surveillance in Primorsk port berths (NEW!!)

Video surveillance system modernization on the territory of  "Primorsk port berths". Nowadays high image quality, high speed data transmission, and trouble-free equipment operation are the main requirements for IP surveillance. IP cameras and switches which instantly transmit information to the staff –are essential parts of a sophisticated video surveillance system.

"Primorsk Trade Port" - one of Russia's largest oil terminals with a total share in Russia's oil exports by sea - 30% (about 70 million tons annually). Large deliveries are carried out to the countries of northern Europe and Scandinavia. The port of Primorsk was the final point of the Baltic Pipeline System, which provides the export of oil directly from the Timan-Pechora, West Siberian and Ural-Volga regions of Russia. This project will allow the Russian economy to become independent of the hydrocarbons export from transit Baltic States. Today, the port of Primorsk is the most modern and environmentally friendly port in Europe.
System requirement
The demand was to provide the network equipment for the following port services functioning:
  1. CCS (central control station)
  2. AWP (Automated Working Place of border guards, customs, security, operator building),
  3. DTC (Dispatch of Towing Complex),
A special requirement of this project was that the network equipment had to be adjusted to the existing fiber-optic network.
Korenix solution
korenix jetcon1301,1702
Why JetNet 6524G (phased out)
->replaced model: JetNet 6828Gf  (coming sooon!)
Why JetNet 5428G V2