Park Surveillance (NEW!)

Park Surveillance (NEW!)


        Video surveillance has become more and more important nowadays in protecting people's safety, valuable assets or minimizing risks associated with criminal activity. By using IP networks for video surveillance systems, several benefits can be gained including lower total cost of ownership, ease of deployment, and remote access. Organizations who used analog-based CCTV systems in the past are now migrating to complete network-based digital systems.
        Video transmission using the wireless network reduces cost and time for installation. However, it can sometimes be annoying since there are more factors affecting the transmission quality comparing to using the physical cable. Issues such as bandwidth, interference, distance and obstacles can be critical if the video traffic has to be well received at the remote site. In addition, it is more difficult and time consuming to troubleshoot when the problem occurs.
        To overcome these potential problems, it is vitally important to carefully plan and perform product selection before doing any installation. A site survey is almost always needed to decide the suitable wireless network devices. Other things to concern are such as the ease of use of the product itself and the quality of the technical support offered by the vendor.

System Requirement

  • Efficient data and video traffic forwarding from field to the office.
  • Reliability and ease of deployment.
  • Must be robust enough and sustainable to bad weather.
  • Cost saving in cable installation.

Korenix Solution

        Korenix JetWave 2800 is an industrial IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless AP which offers high performance and reliability solution for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz RF bands. With the 802.11n MIMO technology, data link rate can be as high as 350Mbps. A JetWave 2800 can work as an AP, station or WDS mode which makes the deployment becomes more flexible. In addition, it is IP-67 rated which means there will be no problem working in harsh environment. The default antennas itself are made by fiberglass. Fiberglass antennas have higher gain to increase performance. Its water, dust and UV resistant characteristics make it an ideal solution for outdoor environments.

Why JetWave 2800

  • Support 802.11a/b/g/n and offers high data transmission rate up to 350Mbps.
  • Strong TX output power extends distance and coverage.
  • IP-67 rated.
  • Wide working temperature -35~70℃.
  • High gain waterproof fiberglass antenna.

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