IP Surveillance in Dubai

Korenix switches with the High Bandwidth and reliability created a trustworthy network infrastructure in the Dubai Global village
Taipei, Taiwan, August 28th, 2013

Project overview
A major source of revenues in the Middle Eastern countries is the tourism industry. In excess of 10 million people visit Dubai city every year and Dubai Global village, which is largest seasonal cultural extravaganza in the region. It is one of destinations for them to spend memorable time with their family and friends. There can be no doubt that, running such a huge organization requires strong and reliable network infrastructure to serve visitors in terms of safety, security, communication and management.
IP cameras have been installed in different locations. In the Ticketing gates and ticketing management system, this has made the access to all sectors readily accessible and comfortable. Full Wi-Fi network coverage gives flexibility to staff for communication between different departments of village during disasters, digital signage kiosks, informing and guiding visitors about all new entertainments and attractions.
Additionally, Environmental challenges is always serious concerns in Dubai, such as elevated temperatures, altered precipitation and high humidity levels, therefore, building a reliable and trustworthy network infrastructure for ensuring the stable data transmission is very important.
Korenix Competencies 
To implement all the above objectives and challenges, we can assert that all of them are IP based systems, operating the systems with minimum down time, trustable redundancy, high bandwidth and performance, clicked the project managers minds to use a products which exceeded their high standards in the region. Korenix industrial network products, was the ideal choice.
Korenix JetNet 5628G with High Bandwidth and high Performance which supports the MSRTM ring topology which has flexibility in Modules, has been selected to build a ring network which has increased the redundancy. For establishing the data connectivity and also transmitting the power over Ethernet (PoE) to IP cameras, and wireless access points, JetNet 3705f-m has been selected. A fiber backbone in each segment is connected with the JetNet 3705f-m to the ring Network. The significant feature of Keep-alive-check is for increasing the reliability of IP cameras.

Main Products
1.     JetNet 5628G  Modular Managed Ethernet Switch
2.     JetNet 3705f-m Industrial 5-port Power Over Ethernet Switch

Why JetNet 5628G
  1. MSR redundant ring with 5ms recovery time and ZEROms seamless restoration
  2. IGMP snooping for video multiple case
  3. Broadcast storm protection
  4. High Bandwidth and Performance
  5. Advanced Security by Layer 2/4 Access Control List
  6. Flexible Module Design
  7. Fan-less design, -40~85°C operating temperature
Why JetNet 3705f-m

1.     Industrial-grade IEEE 802.3af Compliant Power Source Switch
2.     15.4W Full Power Delivery per PoE Port
3.     Port based DHCP IP assign
4.     IP 31 for harsh environment
5.     IP camera keep-alive-check

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Vahid Abbas
Head of PMO

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