Geothermal Power Plant

Geothermal Power Plant Monitoring

// Geothermal energy is a nonconventional supply of power which has many advantages. It is completely renewable, requiring only naturally present water and is continually being replenished by heat generated from the earth's core. With the cost and efficient associated with geothermal energy production beginning to match that of traditional power sources, more utilities and companies are finding ways to take advantage of this resource.
However, one huge disadvantage is that it's extremely explosive to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme heat and vibration; In order to create a safe environment a reliable detection solution to monitor the plant area for any potential pentane gas leak which can develop into a very serious condition if ignition were to take place. Normally these plants are located in remote areas, so detection technology must be very robust with minimum maintenance requirements;power consumption has to be very well monitored in order to avoid wasting the valuable energy generated onsite
Korenix Solution
JetBox 5630Gf is a compact industrial computer with 4 serial ports, 2 LAN ports and 4 DIOs which is programmable for customized configuration; with these designs, it enables JetBox 5630 to monitor the on-site status from local power plant to control center.
JetBox 5630Gf plays significant role of remote monitoring the serial devices in a geothermal power plant, such as monitoring PLCs and the transferring data back to the MySQL database of center computer. JetBox 5630 supportsser2net for controlling serial devices and Modbus devices as well as ModbusGW for protocol conversion from Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP for on-site surveillance. Additionally, Linux programming is provided in the JetBox 5630 which allows technicians to set specific configurations just as WAN/LAN routing for comprehensive management of geothermal station operating status.
With JetBox 5630Gf geothermal control center is able to integrate all devices with high density, lower cost and minimized time and power consuming. Therefore, JetBox 5630 is an ideal choice for monitoring the power generating station.
Main Products
1.     JetBox 5630Gf: Industrial VPN Router Computer  with GbE/SFP, Serial

Why chose Korenix
1.     Multiple interfaces for connection and for controlling of front-end devices
2.     ModbusGW and ser2net Supported for monitoring serial devices
3.     Anti-vibration, anti-shock
4.     A wide range of temperature operation: -40~80°C

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