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China Gas Power Generation System 


Gas power generation systems are becoming more complex by time as they continue integrating latest cutting-edge technological innovations to provide more efficient operation within systems. With this complexity providing real-time remote management and uninterrupted data transfer is becoming more crucial. This said network administrators are implementing Modbus devices and HMI systems to enhance the network management of the whole Generating system. Considering the severe conditions on the power generation plants, a significant factor for communication device vendors becomes the rugged design that should endure all the environmental impacts, such as vibration, temperature extremes, electromagnetic interference, etc...
A Gas Power Generation System provider in China overcame all these challenges when re-designing its network infrastructure by choosing Korenix’ JetNet and JetBox series data communication solutions. 
The gas power generation system consisted of 3 main areas that have to be controlled and monitored remotely from the supervisory & control center: the Power Generation station, Gas Pumping station and the Water Flow control area.
To collect all the information from these stations, Korenix JetBox 5300 series embedded computers have been a perfect fit: they are used as Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateways to send data from water and gas flow meters, valve controllers, generators… using the RS232 and RS485 serial ports.
To transfer the data from widely distributed areas, the network designer chose to implement Korenix JetNet 4508if-s single-mode fiber switch model, which extends the data collected from JetBox computers up to 30KM through fiber optic ports. Additionally, using Korenix’ unique MSR ring redundancy technology, the switches ensure the real-time and reliable data transfer without any loss or system operation failure.

Another key reason for the System Integrator to choose JetNet 4508if-s model has been its support of the Modbus TCP/IP interface, which helps easily integrating the device with existing HMI system in the control room or filed site monitoring system, and therefore managing and maintaining the network more efficiently.
Last but not least, the rugged design of both the JetNet switch and the JetBox computers helps users to install them under tough conditions such as the extreme temperature range (JetNet 4508if-s offers -40~75oC and JetBox 5300 -40~80oC operating temperature ranges), the vibration and electromagnetic interference, and offer stable operation without possible system failure.

Main Products
JetNet 4508if-s 8-port Managed Fast Ethernet Single-Mode Fiber Switch
JetBox 5300 Industrial Embedded Linux Computer

Why JetNet 4508if-s 
2 Fiber and 6 copper Ethernet ports are good fit for the System Integrator’s application 
MSR Fiber Ring, <5ms recovery time – provides fast & reliable network redundancy 
Supports Modbus TCP slave that easily migrates with Human Machine Interface (HMI) System
Compliance with Heavy Industrial EMI/EMS verifications 
-40~75oC wide operating temperature range to withstand under rigged outdoor environments
10~60VDC wide voltage variation 
Supports comprehensive layer-2 network management & security features for remote management and control

Why JetBox 5300-w
Supports Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP Gateway function for data transfer
2 RS-232/422/485 serial ports and 2 RS-232 serial ports for serial device connectivity
2 LAN ports for Daisy-Chain Controller and 4DI & 4DO for digital device connections
Programmable embedded Linux ready for front-end industrial control
-40~80oC wide operating temperature range for hazardous industrial environment
Dual DC 12~24V redundant power inputs for system reliability

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