Solar Bus Station Network

Solar Bus Station Network Controlling System

Solar Powered Bus Station Overview
As solar energy is becoming increasingly important in powering electrical and electronic systems, more cities adopt the concept of providing solar powered bus stop stations to maximize energy efficiency and ensure an unpolluted environment. This requires implementation of an intelligent control system which can act as a front-end controller device to connect to a number of peripheral devices for data acquisition, data logging, and simultaneously convert the protocols. Moreover, it should be compact to fit in small systems as well as rugged to resist outdoor environmental conditions.
Korenix JetBox 3300-w Embedded Linux computer has been the answer to all the requests submitted by the solar bus station system integrator. 

The compact embedded computer has been easily installed in a small solar powered bus information station. The 2 USB ports of the device allow users to connect GPRS dongle to communicate with the bus via wireless network. Using the RS232/422/485 serial port, it can simultaneously update power status by connecting to the solar panel.
Through the built-in performance-optimized Linux OS, the JetBox 3300 can detect the status to adjust the power supply to other devices, such as light or digital billboard. The second serial port of the device is then used to connect to digital billboard and display on it the information collected from the bus.
To provide connectivity of power switch of lights, the system integrator can benefit from 16DIO channels that are inside the Embedded Computer. After collecting, storing and controlling all the available data from the bus and the peripheral diagnosable devices, the device acts as an outstanding network platform to convert the information to the bus control center via dual redundant Ethernet ports.
To develop programmable front-end controller applications, the JetBox 3300-w also provides Linux SDK. It supports Korenix Auto-Run customization setting on microSD card, which allows users to configure their own Linux commands and automatically run specific applications making the industrial network management easier and more flexible.
Furthermore, using its rugged fan-less design, -40~80°C wide operating temperature and low power consumption it provides stable, reliable and efficient communication under the most severe environmental conditions becoming a perfectly fitted front-end controller system for solar bus stop station.

Main Products
JetBox 3300-w Embedded Compact 2 LAN & 2 Serial Linux Computer

Why Korenix
Compact-size for easy integration in small system
Rich interface for integrating devices with various operational requirements, including networking, data storage, device and signal control 
Embedded Linux Ready for easy maintenance 
LinuxSDK for programmable front-end controller applications
Low Power Consumption for reliable performance
Rugged design and -40~80oC wide op. temp. for severe environment applications

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