Bus Surveillance in Europe

Bus Surveillance in Europe

Surveillance of Bus in EuropeOverview
Thanks to the recent developments with IP cameras as well as wireless networking, remote monitoring of buses and instant response to critical issues has become a reality, widely used by almost every bus company worldwide. Yet, some challenges need to be addressed when building efficient network infrastructure, including the compliance of integrated solutions with standards of bus deployment, power conversion for driving 48V cameras from standard 24V on bus, and most importantly the unstable environmental conditions: temperature variations, vibration, shock etc.
To efficiently build a network with minimized costs, Korenix JetNet 3810G 
Industrial 8 PoE + 2 GbE Booster PoE Switchseries PoE switches have been chosen by a European bus company for their 8-PoE port capacity - a unique solution in the market which enables users to save costs of implementing separate PoE devices in buses. The total project included installation of 1000 switches. 
A single switch has been installed on-board of each bus with the capability to connect, power and transfer the captured video images from six Axis 206-FD IP cameras. The switch, powered up by 24VDC from the bus ignition system, automatically converted it to 48V power output via the exclusive Korenix PoE boosting technology for powering up the Axis cameras. Total of 65W budget was released from the switch to power up each camera by 15.4W. The collected video streams were then uplinked to the NVR through the gigabit port for recording the video images, while the second gigabit port was used to transfer the data to the wifi router, which then wirelessly transmitted it to the bus controlling center.
By using the port link failure alarm function, administrators were able to fast react to any failures in the system by receiving automatic warnings, as a result ensuring uninterrupted data transmission.
The rugged design of the e-Mark compliant JetNet 3810G 
Industrial 8 PoE + 2 GbE Booster PoE Switchwith vibration and shock resistance and -25~60oC operating temperature range guaranteed the reliable operation of the switch on the bus. 
korenix JetNet 3810G Industrial 8 PoE + 2 GbE Booster PoE Switch
By using Korenix’s PoE solution, Bus Company greatly saved installation and maintenance costs of Network infrastructure, as a result delivering high quality and real-time video to the users, and thus improving passengers’ security while on the move.

Main Products
JetNet 3810G Industrial 8 PoE + 2 GbE Booster PoE Switch 

Why JetNet 3810G
8-port PoE for reduced wiring and installation costs
2 Gigabit ports for megapixel video transmission
24VDC power input, IEEE802.3af 48V PoE out for bus surveillance
e-Mark compliant for bus surveillance
Rugged design against vibration and shock

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