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Surveillance and Infotainment on BusOverview
Due to increased terrorist threats and violence, surveillance has become more prevalent in vehicle applications. Here, multi-channel video recording systems are being used to provide multiple camera views both inside and outside the bus's entrance and exit. Additionally, informing passengers and entertaining them while on the move is another important contribution which aims to enhance the travel experience and the attractiveness of the transportation system.
To do it with minimum costs and simple installation, Korenix PoE networking and computing solutions have been integrated in the city’s bus systems. Administrators installed the JetNet 3810G to power up the standard IP cameras inside vehicles. These devices powered up with non-standard 12-24V input source of the buses and using the built-in Korenix booster PoE technology, transferred it to 48V power to make the IP cameras work with up to 15.4W per each of the ports.
The large megapixel video images were then collected and uplinked through the Gigabit port to the industrial computer installed inside the vehicle. Using the DVI port the JetBox 8180 displayed the video images on the monitor installed in front of the bus driver. It simultaneously received information from control center regarding weather forecast, traffic status along with commercial advertisements to run on the LCD monitor for passenger entertainment. This video connectivity was achieved using the second output of the DVI port.
To ensure the communication between the bus and the monitoring center, the mobile expansion slot of the JetBox 8180 was used; by installing miniPCIe and SIM slots, it was possible to transfer the information from bus to the monitoring room and vice versa. Besides, with this expansion slot administrators were capable to track the location of the bus via the GPS.
All the information was collected and recorded on the Hard Drive of the computer, which provided further system development. It worked independently from the CF card on which the Windows was stored, so users were able to easily change the HD once it was full or damaged, without affecting the whole system operation.
korenix JetNet 3810G Industrial 8 PoE + 2 GbE Booster PoE Switch
Combining low power consumption capability to its multifunctional design, the JetBox 8180 became an ideal embedded system for high quality, real time mobile surveillance and entertainment solution.

Main Products
JetBox 8180 Industrial Communication Computer w/ DVI & GbE
JetNet 3810G Industrial 8PoE + 2 GbE Booster PoE Switch

Why JetBox 8180
Gigabit Ethernet port for large megapixel video image transmission
DVI with Dual display for video distribution
Optional miniPCIe module and SIM slot for wireless communication and bus location tracking
SATA HD/SSD for information storage and video recording

Why JetNet 3810G
12~24VDC to 48V PoE Booster for powering IP cameras in bus 
8 PoE ports reduce wiring and installation costs
Dual Gigabit for large video uplink transmission

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