Mobile DVR System

Mobile DVR System

Mobile DVR inside Transit SystemOverview
Transportation authorities and bus manufacturers are increasingly deploying mobile video solutions for reliable, onboard surveillance. The emerging technological innovations and the revolution of IP video surveillance are combining to provide users with smarter and more efficient network video monitoring solutions. However, providing a complete IP surveillance networking solution in vehicles can be troublesome and expensive with a number of devices used separately to deliver power to IP cameras, collect and manage video streams, etc. 

Moreover, the power sourcing equipment in transit systems are sometimes incapable to provide 48V power which is required for standard IP cameras in mobile systems. 
JetCard 2215 has been chosen by the System Integrating Company to be integrated in the vehicle monitoring system for facing all these difficulties and providing optimized network video monitoring with reduced costs.
Designed with a Universal PCI slot, the 5 RJ45 port PoE switch card can be easily installed in a DVR system. The integrated DVR system with 12~24V power input enables the PoE function of the JetCard 2215, which, using the exclusive power booster technology, converts it to 48V power to deliver 15.4W per port to the IP cameras inside the vehicle. In the meantime, using its 4 PoE ports, the PoE card collects the data from the IP cameras into the embedded video system. As a result, the device functions as an Ethernet switch and powering switch, while reducing the number of necessary devices and maintenance costs of the total IP surveillance networking solution.
To further ensure the reliable data transmission with zero packet loss under temporary trafficcongestion, JetCard 2215 switch card supports back pressure and pause frame-based flow control scheme. Equipped with easy-to-install drivers, the 12-24V booster PoE switch can be smartly integrated in a DVR system to work as a complete video recording system.
By integrating a JetCard 2215 into the DVR system, system integrating company enhances the on-board surveillance by a centralized remote surveillance, meanwhile reducing the system control and related costs.

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JetCard 2215 Embedded Booster PoE UPCI Switch Card

Why Korenix
32bits Universal PCI bus for adding in DVR 
12~24VDC to 48V PoE Booster for powering IP cameras in bus 
4 PoE ports reduce wiring and installation costs

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