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Spanish Subway Surveillance and Remote ControlOverview
To provide increased passenger security as well as to tackle competition from other means of transportation, subway operators are now installing video cameras and introducing multimedia services, such as real-time passenger information, on-board multimedia and Internet access as a differentiator. For enabling the efficient train-to-ground operation, modern subway network constructors are using enhanced communication technologies. However, some challenges need to be addressed such as the resistance to harsh environments, data transmission reliability and cost-effectiveness. 
A subway operator in Europe has chosen to use Korenix industrial networking solutions in its subway carriage monitoring project. The project aimed at developing an innovative and bandwidth efficient communication system to transmit large data rate communications from carriages to the control center. The installation consisted of over 700 JetNet 6710G-M12 PoE networking switches plus 100 JetWave 2450 wireless Access Points.
In each carriage of the train a single JetNet 6710G-M12 switch is installed to power up the cameras using the 30W power of its 48V PoE ports and simultaneously collect the captured images. To control power budget, the switches provide automatic budget and priority control function enhancing system maintenance and protecting cameras from shut down.
The information is then collected and sent through M12-rated Ethernet ports to be stored in the existing embedded computer, which in its turn also stores multimedia information. The JetNet 6710G-M12 switches are chosen to be used in the trains for their ruggedized fanless design and the M12 connectors, which provide a reliable solid connection, resisting to vibration, shock and dust on the moving wagons.
After collecting data from each carriage, the switches connect together via the RJ45 Gigabit ports, allowing users to transmit large megapixel video images from the carriages to the ground. By enabling the MSR protocol of the switches, users can form a ring within the switches, aiming to ensure the network reliability and non stop transmission without data loss or blocking.
To send the data from the train to the remote station, the JetWave 2450 is further installed in each train. Using the built-in Ethernet interface, the JetWave 2450 Wireless Access point collects the video images from the JetNet 6710G-M12 and through 802.11n Wireless N band connects and communicates the video data to another JetWave 2450 installed in the train station. Station administrators can greatly benefit from the 802.11n technology of the Korenix’s Wireless Access point to transfer up to 100M video and other data directly from the train during a short train stop at the station. The software changeable antenna design allows them to easily choose to use the omni antenna through the N type socket for extending video and multimedia data up to 5km by overlaying multiple radio signals.

Using Korenix’s ruggedized wired and wireless solutions, the train operator has designed a simple system to transfer live video images and other info captured from the carriages to the control center in a real-time basis and with no system loss or failure.


  • 8 PoE ports for cost-efficiency & space saving
  • 802.3at compliance for 48VDC power supply
  • Redundant network: Faster network recovery time with Korenix MSR technology
  • M12 connectors for vibration and shock resistance on-board trains
  • PoE power budget and priority control for IP camera protectionLLDP and Korenix NMS for efficient network management and auto device discovery

Why JetWave 2450
  • IEEE 802.11n wireless outdoor solution, backward compatible with 802.11b/g
  • 3 times higher throughput than 802.11b/g solution, up to 150Mbps net data rate
  • High performance and low maintaining cost for the video surveillance network
  • One model with both Embedded 8dbi Directional Antenna and N-Type Socket
  • Up to 5KM Wireless coverage
  • Wireless QoS (WMM) for video precedence transmission
  • Supports Base Station, CPE, Point to Point and Point to Multiple Point connectivity
  • Supports Spanning Tree Protocol, IGMP Snooping, SNMPv3, NTP, DHCP Server, Router mode
  • Advanced security system by WEP, WPA, WPA2 and MAC address filter
  • Built-in 12VDC PoE, to be powered through Ethernet cable
  • -20~70°C operating temperature

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