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2018/08/13 科洛理思-智慧安全城市網絡監控方案

Korenix Launches Industrial Gigabit Switches for SMART Cities Surveillance
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Korenix Smart city surveillance solution
A Korenix Technology is pleased to launch the new JetNet 7000 series which provide the users with the selection of Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet, L2+,and L3 solutions.

In order to fulfill the needs of reliable and substantial real-time data communication within SMART Cities, Korenix Technology recently launched a series of Industrial Ethernet Gigabit Switches: JetNet 7020G,  JetNet 7014G, and JetNet 7310G.    Click to <learn more
Korenix FREE download of our JetCon selction guide   FREE download of our JetCon selction guide
  -JetCon series is widely used in factory Automation,     
  transportation surveillance and department store
  checkout system, etc.
  -More than 20 product of our JetCon selection
  -Products details and features
  Free download <Click here>
         CommunicaAsia 2018 After
         The brand new Korenix JetNet 7000 series product
         were launched and the 100+ have visited the booth.
         Click to <learn more>
Korenix Technology at the CommunicAsia 2018
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