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2019/02/22 Leadership Training for Cultivating Effective Managing Skills at Taipei Office

In 2018 November and December, all the people managers in Beijer Electronics and Korenix Technology have attended a 2-day leadership training at Taipei Office. The purpose of this training is to create
common people management language, to equip managers the essential skills to cultivate and motivate team members with an objective to increase team and company performance.

The training was divided in two sessions, one for department heads, and one for team leaders and potential managers. This is the first time we held such a training in Taipei. Before the lecture started, all participants had to complete a 360 degree Skills Assessment Report. Within the report, the line managers, peers, and direct reports of the participant had to evaluate his/her performance in terms of the different aspects of leadership skills, such as communication, delegation, and coaching etc. Meanwhile, the participants themselves also needed to do their self-assessment for the same questions. The report allowed the managers to get views from different observers, and helped them to identify the “blind spots” which can be further developed or improved.

Instead of lecturing, the training is more focused on experiential learning, which participants can gain insights from the games and activities such as role-play within the class. There are also case studies, sharing and feedbacks, which encouraged managers to discuss the real cases in their workplace. It helped them to better realize how leadership skills influence an individual, a team, a company and what can we be done to make it more efficient.

After two months of the 2-day training, they continued with “learning circles” to extend the effectiveness of the training. In a learning circle, participants were divided into small groups to discuss the workplace assignments with the trainer. During the session, the participants had to share how they apply the leadership skills in their teams, to discuss the difficulties they encountered when they use the skills and to discuss their development plans based on the 360 degree Skills Assessment Report.

Although the 2-day program has now ended, the utilization of the skills in real workplace has just begun. And from this training, it made us realized that there are a lot more we can learn in the field of leadership. HR in Taipei office is planning for the continued training in 2019. With a complete training, we believe that in the near future, more and more managers in Beijer Electronics and Korenix Technology will become excellent leaders to inspire and take the teams to the next level.