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2019/06/24 2019 Korenix Channel Partners Conference in Bangkok

The 2019 Korenix Channel Partners Conference in Bangkok, Thailand had successfully ended. The conference was held from June 3rd to June 5th. Korenix partners from 21 countries had attended and celebrated the 15th anniversary of Korenix. During the conference, not only has Korenix celebrated and thanked the excellent partnership with its partners, but they had also talked about future technology trends, such as the industrial IoT, smart cities and how it would affect the industry and the future.
Multiple ceremonies and events were held during the conference, such as a welcome party, award ceremony and also a workshop that had divided participants into groups to take turn and discuss about 3 topics: industry 4.0, IIoT and Smart City.

Korenix PSM and PM team had spoken about Korenix products and strategy. The discussion is based on Korenix new slogan “Connecting things, Connecting future” and three topics were presented: Connecting things, connecting future and securing the future. While IIot is a trend now, many business owners are adopting factory automation and automated warehouse into their system. Korenix knows the importance of the reliability of a wireless product and its wireless products and solutions were introduced. In addition, in the topic “Connecting future”, Korenix introduced its different vertical market focus and strategy. Lastly, under the topic of “Securing the future”, Korenix had emphasized the importance of cybersecurity and Korenix dedication on improving and solving the network security. Moreover, Korenix partners had spoken about its successful partnership and experience working with Korenix. An award ceremony was also held for partners to appreciate their continuous supports, outstanding performance and the decade- long partnership.
The 3-day conference were a success. Korenix team is delighted and thankful to meet its partners from all over the world. Through this event, Korenix and its partners had share new thoughts and information of future technology and had also gain a closer relationship. Korenix is glad to develop partnership with prestigious companies from all over the world and is looking forward to keep working together for a more prosperous and connected future.
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