Product Details

JetWave 4110L Industrial LoRa Private Gateway

  • Model:JetWave 4110L
  • Specification:Industrial LoRa Private Gateway
    JetNet 3205GP/JetNet 3205GP-1F Industrial Unmanaged Gigabit PoE Ethernet Switch

Product Introduction

JetWave 4110L Industrial LoRa Private Gateway
  • LoRa Wireless data link provide stable data stream.
  • Outdoor IP68 design.
  • High output RF Power and high sensitivity provide more than 40KM transmission distance.
  • Multi-Interface support RS-485 / Analog or Digital Input / Digital Output.
  • Resist the water, dust, temperature and shock and meet with the IP68 standard.
  • Analog Input support 0~10 V / 4~20 mA / ADC
  • Digital Output support PWM / Latch Mode.
  • AUX I/O support remote setup/status inquiry function.

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